■ Each diamond gem will be 100% tradable and replaceable after a year span.
■ 80% money back policy on all diamond jewels.
■ Upon exchange or return, the original invoice and certificate are required to be shown.
■ Metal waste disposal fees and fabrication costs are not refundable.
■ The metal price is determined based on the actual purchase value.
■ Diamond jewels are only replaceable with another diamond jewel.
■ Diamond polky jewels to be strictly exchanged with another diamond polky jewel at 70% of exchange value.
■ Solitaire jewels will be replaced and returned in accordance to the fair market value.
■ The value of gold, platinum, silver, and palladium will be calculated using the on going market rate.
■ Solitaire, one piece diamond jewels will be replaced and returned in accordance to the fair market value.
■ Up to 3-5 working days may be required for buyback payment.
■ Diamonds, jewels, or any other item that was ordered specifically but was damaged or broken cannot be returned. According to the assessment, the corporation has the entire power to accept or reject. Regulations Apply*


Terms & Conditions

■ No item is guaranteed to be available once an order is placed.
■ Following shipment, it is up to the customer and the courier to work together for a successful delivery.
■ According to each product’s brand, all warranty or guarantee will be taken into consideration.
■ Only manufacturing flaws in the movement are addressed for watches. The warranty will be null if the watch shows any tangible indications of damage.

Shipping & Delivery

■ At Riwaj Jewellers, we offer FREE standard delivery to any address inside of Pakistan. Please be aware, nevertheless, that we are unable to deliver to PO Boxes or any other Pakistani addresses where our shipping department does not offer a courier service.
■ Subject to payment confirmation, which may vary due to unforeseen circumstances, all orders submitted from Monday through Friday, except public holidays, will be processed and shipped from our warehouse within 2 working days.
■ For cities like, Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad the required delivery time will vary depending on your city and the location of the warehouse from which the item is delivered. For same city locations, delivery typically takes 1 working day.
■ Major to major urban areas typically takes 2-3 working days however, delivery to any other city could take up to 4-5 working days.
■ You can check and trace the delivery status of your orders once they have been shipped out by using the tracking number provided by the courier on the link we offer after the order is shipped out or by contacting our local logistics partner. In the case of Cash on Delivery, you must first make payment in accordance with courier policy before accepting or opening the package.

Returns & Exchanges Policy

Our “No Return/No Exchange” policy is in effect.
Please get in touch with us if the goods has a problem when it is delivered. A warranty, however, is redeemable for the flaws it covers.

Privacy Policy

Riwaj Jewellers or any of its independent retail locations may gather information from users of this site. Our first concern is to preserve the privacy and personal information of our customers. By using this website, you agree that we may use the information you provide about yourself when signing up for our newsletter, placing an order, or choosing a payment method to fill that order and/or to send you promotional materials that you can choose not to receive. We don’t provide any information to Third Parties, thus we can’t be held accountable for any such allegations. This privacy statement and our terms and conditions, which we reserve the right to change at any moment, will govern how we handle any information you submit. Please feel free to reach us at info@riwajjewellers.com for any queries.