About Us

“In the name of Allah, the most merciful and the most gracious” Professional craftsmen with certified skills and experiences create designs that make you the single in the huge crowd. All products with accurate inputs touch the fineness and finishing for all tasks. However, it’s the Idyllic platform to give you the new variety both trendy and versatile in the most favorable rates. All the diamonds and stones are certified.The gold is pure according to the latest standards & merits of jewels association. The entire team has strong communication skills to help you as per your requirements. The philosophy is to serve you with jewels that not only add to your beauty but make your memories.Riwaj Jewellers has made a remarkable position in the list of Top Jewellers of gold, diamond jewellery and precious stones in Sialkot by uphelding its key business principles of fair pricing, customer satisfaction and corporal purity.


Be stylish and prominent with the outstanding collections! Either you like to define your personality or taste about jewelry the well-shaped and beautiful design gems and stones really mean it. Out of the sparkle and shine it pops up the look and personality in the way you wish ever. Overall each piece is with full aesthetics of jewels that let you enjoy in the real sense with delicate cuts and settings.